Name Membership Period Details Services Available Price
Platinum Package One year - starting from January until December of the year following the year of subscription
  • The date for publishing the designs is to be determined by the specialists at HEAC, according to the priority of participation, and in accordance with the awareness dissemination plan.
  • HEAC determines the type of designs in which the institution's logo is published.
  • The Institution's logo is displayed in the designs published by HEAC in its social media accounts (Twitter - Instagram - Facebook) according to the details below:
Stage Number of designs targeted to publish the company's logo
Registration Stage 2
Changing Perferences Stage 1
First Allocation Stage 1
Second Allocation Stage 1
Promotional advertisement:
  1. Designing the promotional advertisement and its content is the specialty of the institution, and Heac is responsible for publishing the promotional advertisement in its social networks (Twitter + Facebook + Instagram), provided that it is approved by the specialists of Heac according to the conditions and controls determined by the center.
  2. The promotional advertisement is published only once - The promotional advertisement shall be published in one of the following stages of registration and acceptance: the stage of registration, the stage of changing preferences, the stage of the first Allocation, or the stage of the second Allocation.

Services included in Platinum Package

  • Display the Institution's Logo on HEAC Website 
  • Display the Institution's Logo in the Electronic Student Guide
  • Display Institution's Logo in Social Media Posts managed by HEAC
  • Publish one Promotional Advertisement (designed) in the HEAC's Social Media Accounts
3000 OMR